USA Martial Arts Reviews

USA Martial Arts Jared Y.

My kids and I love U.S.A Martial Arts, Instructor is always willing to help before and after your classes. Always ask about your well being and when we are loosing energy and focus he's always there to boost us up and get us on track again. Will continue to be a part of this place.

Jared Y.

USA Martial Arts Ed K.

Best thing we ever could have done for our kids...and it was accident. Our girls saw it walking from dance. They loved it and now we all do it as a family. They read motivational books that my friends should read. Another avenue teaching respect for themselves and elders. I wish I had more of their friends from school with them. I can't praise USA Martial Arts and Master Van Patten enough.

Ed K.

USA Martial Arts Amy P.

My son has been part of the Little Dragons program for over a year. The program is wonderful. The instructors are patient with the little kids. The class teaches the children respect and self control. The school offers special activity nights that give the students a chance to socialize and play. We plan on having our son attend for years to come and hope our other son starts to show interest also.

Amy P.

USA Martial Arts Samantha M.

My son has been training with master Van Patten and his family for over a year and has truly found a passion for martial arts thanks to the wonderful atmosphere & teaching! Would highly recommend this school for all ages !

Samantha M.

USA Martial Arts Sean B.

It helps my son focus on something that he can take pride in as he progresses.

Sean B.

USA Martial Arts Sean B.

Great Instructor, Clean Building, Comfortable area for parents to watch/wait. It's worth it to see my son take pride in the achievements only he can earn by adhering to the Eastern TKD ideology conveyed to the students here.

Sean B.

USA Martial Arts Bentley D.

My son attends USA Martial Arts, and has a wonderful experience! A great friendly crowd, that helps to build remarkable life values. Master Van Pattten goes above an beyond to provide a very welcoming environment for all. Highly recommended!!

Bentley D.

USA Martial Arts Julie P.

Master Mallmann is amazing! His passion, heart, dedication, training and knowledge is just overwhelming. His way of teaching is spot on! Not only with adults, but he's great with the kids too. He loves what he does (his way of life), and it shows. Truly an honor to have the opportunity to work with this great Master.

Julie P.

USA Martial Arts Alexander R.

Discipline,Confidence Respect just to name a few of the qualities and life skills that my children have learned in the couple of months we have been with the USA Martial Arts family. Master Van Patten and his team are EXCELLENT with both Children and Adults. They treat everyone with respect.

Alexander R.

USA Martial Arts Rhonda M.

My son loves going to USA Martial Arts.. he has been going for almost 8 months and is still going strong.. Master Van Patten runs a very respectable program..

Rhonda M.

USA Martial Arts Jessica M.

We have been members of USA Martial Arts for about 1 year and half and we use every opportunity to tell parents how wonderful the place and people are. We are a hispanic family and my husband is a disabled Veteran and we feel right at home with the instructors and other families. So much so that we are there 4-5x a week. I love to see how they are always making improvements as they take pride in their place and service. In addition, to the awesome classes, they do many extra events for the kids like parents night out (Ninja night). It has been and continues to be an amazing experience for our two boys (11) & (8). They have and continue to learn more than how to do an awesome flying kick but also they are learning the black belt attitude which includes being disciplined, respectful, motivated, considerate of others, and still have fun. Perfect for our boys that we are raising to be positive members of their community. We drive past many other available martial arts places but we take the extra drive to go to USAMA.

Jessica M.

USA Martial Arts Brent W.

We loved it! We had our first class Saturday morning and we're looking forward to many more.

Brent W.

USA Martial Arts Gilberto M.

My boys have been training at USA Martial Arts for over a year...Master Van Patterson and his instructors are awesome with the kids, always willing to teach their students what it takes in becoming a martial artist.

Gilberto M.

USA Martial Arts Markus L.

Brian Van Patten is an amazing Martial Arts teacher, trainer and Master! I began training here over 6 years ago, after a 20 year hiatus from the martial arts. I can tell you the masters, instructors and faculty are truly committed to the success of the students. Achieving my Black Belt was a major mile stone for me and I can tell you it wouldn't of happened with out their dedication and leadership. The fact is having trained at other schools, it's clear that USA Martial Arts in Antioch, looks to develop all it's students, who are willing, to become the best martial artists they can be.

Markus L.

USA Martial Arts Eric G.

I joined Master Van Patten's USA Martial Arts academy in Antioch, IL about two years ago after taking a martial arts class at the Lindenhurst Park District with my 7 year old son. The park district program was run by a karate school from Mount Prospect and was a simplistic punching and kicking school. The classes did nothing to inspire us mentally or spiritually and we both found the workout mild. USA Martial Arts is dedicated to making me and my son not just a better skilled martial artist, but a better person. I have seen a great improvement in my son’s desire to do better in school and at home. It is exciting to watch him develop and grow as a person and an athlete. Since joining USA Martial Arts I have lost 25 lbs and I have kept the weight off. I love the workouts. I love the camaraderie with the other students. And I love how USA Martial Arts combines modern training methods with tradition, old world, martial arts mind, body and soul training.

Eric G.

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